Can Snapchat be used for marketing?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps in the world with over 12 million users in India alone. With a user base primarily between the age of 16-28 years, it is much more than a photo and video sharing application. Used wisely, Snapchat can be leveraged as one of the best mediums for small and medium businesses to interact with their customers. If your business primarily interacts with the youth, Snapchat as a digital marketing tool can help grow a business with minimal spends.


A successful campaign for Snapchat can be conducted by following the 3 golden rules:

Put the CTA First

Any message in Snapchat, whether visual or video has a run time of maximum 10 seconds after which it self destructs. The idea is to promote the message and catch the users attention within that time period. The message can be anything from a promo code to an interesting line or a flash sale, anything that drives interest and initiates a query/sale from the customer. There is a lot of room for creativity but the message must always be specific.

Involve the existing customers

The existing customers are the ones who use Snapchat extensively. The marketing plan must involve a certain portion where existing users are made to post content related to the business. This is the best way to target circles that are mature with the platform and the chain reaction is instantaneous. If this activity in the strategy works out, it can alone pull the campaign to a roaring success.

Get Personal

Since Snapchat is such a personalized platform, your business needs to show its personality. The positioning shall be such that people look forward to associating with the business and enjoy the interactions. The business needs to be as cool as its customers. To increase this aspect in any campaign, you can involve activities that show your business behind the scenes, the excitement the employees have while interacting with the customers and working in the organization as a whole. Everyone likes to associates themselves with an organization that has the fun factor embedded in their system and their employees.


The Digital Pot understands how it is important to move with the trends while catering to a young audience. Having a team that fits into the bill perfectly, we put ourselves into the customers shoes and develop campaigns that we feel would interest our friends and community. This quite literally means getting your potential customers to develop a campaign strategy that they will find interest in. We will position your brand in a way that users look forward to associating with you and interact as intensely as they would with their friends. The returns? You get a good increase in awareness, reputation and sales.


It is necessary to have a good understanding of both the business and the medium to successfully run a campaign. Partnering with us will provide this exact expertise that shall help your business grow in size as well as reputation. To start targeting potential customers on social media, write to us at or drop us a message in the comments section below.

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